Saturday, November 13, 2010

Picture My Day

I read this article earlier this week and by chance ran into one of the organizers at lunch the next day. I've been wanting to get to know the island better, and participating in the SI 350 photography contest seemed like a great way to do it.

The photos have to be taken at one of the Staten Island locations listed at and submitted by midnight Sunday 11/14/2010.

Since I had to be out and about on Saturday (chiropractor's appointment really unkinked my shoulders!), we grabbed a camera on the way out the door and got snap happy as we did our errands.

It was a gorgeous day to be in New York City and these are a couple of my favorite shots:

Gargoyle at Work
I've always had a thing for Gargoyles.  I may start a photo collection :)

On a clear day you can see forever
I see this bridge every morning and evening when I'm out walking the dog.  Today was so beautifully clear I just had to get a shot

Diamonds in the Sky
This is my absolute fave.
Kiddo will be picking some of his favorite shots and entering them tomorrow.  Wish him luck!


  1. Like! Glad the chiropractor helped. I'm a big fan.

    Great pictures!

  2. What an awesome way to explore your new city :)
    Excited for the pictures!