Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Use Paper Towels

City Living Lesson 2: Pretreat Daily, Wash Weekly (and use paper towels)

I love microfiber cloths. I adore them...I don't love them as much after they've been mouldering in my rag bag for a week. My step ladder is now doubling as a rag drying rack and I grab for a paper towel if I have a bad spill to clean up. Clothes that get stained get a quick squirt of stain remover and then get added to the hamper.

It's different for me, but probably most different for our son. He used to be able to get away with adding clean discarded clothes to the hamper-now I grill him on each item because I don't want to haul any more than I have to down to the laundromat.

The tiny closets in our apartment and in the houses we've looked at are also inspiring me to cut down on the amount of clothing we have. Now that the boxes are mostly unpacked I can start thinking about that sort of thing. I'm surprised at how much we brought with us that we don't need.

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