Saturday, March 6, 2010

The amount of sugar in drinks is amazing--and scary to see laid out like this!!

Edited 7:30 PM
Sarah sent me an email with a link to the following youtube video(Warning: NASTY!)  and these comments: 
Have you ever seen the BBC "You are what you eat?" The host is a dietitian and she breaks people's diets down to the grossest basic level.

Here's a really gross (but effective) YouTube clip from the show. I watched it a lot when I was on maternity leave. Kind of addicting. She's also made a chocolate tombstone, vat of tea with milk and sugar, etc. She tries to shock people by letting them know what they're actually eating.

After watching the video, all I can say is "Gross!" We haven't bought hotdogs in a long time, and it looks like it's going to be an even longer time before we ever do again! Thanks for the link Sarah (I think. I may have to go throw up now)

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