Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sniff Test

It can be way too easy to put some tasks off and just keep telling ourselves "I'll get to it tomorrow."  Well, this is a sniff test:

  • Are you eating your freggies? (A good step forward is buying them and having them on hand)
  • Are you exercising?  There's just 4 days left in this week, and although it's possible to do all of your exercise this weekend, it's not as sustainable as getting exercise on a daily basis
And last, but not least,

If the answer to any of this is No.... well, I'll keep this family friendly and won't tell you what I smell.  The good news is you still have half the week to take care of these things.

I've also asked you to hold me accountable, so here's my stats so far

1/2 Weekly Goal ... My Stats
Exercise Goal 75 ... Me: 205 
Freggies Goal: 20 ... Me:15
Whole Grains Goal: 1/2 of daily grains...Me:0

How are you doing?   

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