Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hi, ladies! I'm Christy, your week two motivator!

So I sent Amerika my stats for week one, but I never got around to sending her goals and rewards. I was really chewing on those rewards, because I can't drop a bunch of money but I do want to celebrate a total reversal of my exercise habits since about Christmas.

So I decided what I need are some Fabulous Pajamas. I have these droopy, big, faded old fuschia yoga pants I've been slogging around in for months, in part because, now that I think about it, the jeans starting getting a little tighter after the holidays, and I ignored that.

No, these would be the kind of PJs that I would be glad to be wearing if I had to jump out of a second-floor window into a fetchingly bulky firefighter's arms. (In such fantasies, I would fall light as a thistle and not actually impact concrete.) I would be photographed extensively and end up in Vogue's best-dressed list. Where do you find those kinds of pajamas, you ask? I'm thinking Target, $20 or so.

Since I probably wouldn't stop the presses in real life, I suppose my point is I would like to gift myself with something I really want but that only I'm going to see and appreciate. At first I thought that I would want my first Walk Kansas reward to be a manicure or haircut. (Both of which may eventually go on the list.) But those feel more like things you do for people to compliment. Like, "I love your haircut -- and by the way, you look like you walked 150 minutes and ate 35 fruits and vegetables this week." Well, I don't really need or want outside support or compliments (although they're nice) to motivate me, because if they stopped, I might fall off the Walk Kansas wagon. I want to do something that only I'm going to see and know about, because this is for me.

So, this time Saturday, I'll be lounging around in Fabulous Pajamas. What do you have planned?


  1. I love it!

    I have a hard time coming up with rewards, too. Mostly because if I want to buy or do something, I just do it- not always a good idea!

    My goal this week: keep up the walking (which isn't the hard part) and focus on the fruits/veggies part.