Friday, March 5, 2010

Walk Kansas

I'm going to focus on Walking for the next 8 weeks through the Walk Kansas program, and you're invited to come with me.   Check out their web page at for more information.

Our team's name is Walking on Sunshine and you can read my emails to the team on this blog.  Use the comment section to let me know how you're doing on your personal challenge.


  1. I was awake and at the gym at 6am this morning. Does that count? ;)

    I'm just weary of this whole "eat more vegetables" thing. Who needs those?!?!*JOKES*

  2. I saw that! Way to go! It doesn't count for Walk Kansas because that challenge doesn't start until Sunday, but it definitely counts for bragging rights :)

    As for the freggies (fruits and vegetables), plan for one at each meal and have a bowl of washed and ready to eat good stuff either in the fridge or on the counter. I'm really enjoying Clementines right now. I know they're expensive, but I figure a doctor's visit costs more.

  3. I walked 3 miles on my treadmill last night!

    Now that it's nicer weather I'm excited to get outside & take my neglected dog on walks.

    Fruits & veggies will be harder for me than exercise. As much as I love them (well, fruit anyway), they somehow aren't very convenient.

  4. Debbi - Way to go! Our week one challenge is going to be sharing the tips and tricks we have that make it easier to exercise and get those fruits and veggies in. By this time next week you should have a bunch of ideas to make it more convenient.