Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walk Kansas Day 1

We're starting, we're starting!

deep breath. deep breath.

What should I do first?

  • Get our your calendar and plan to do a Walking Test. 
  • While your calendar is out, plan when and where you're going to exercise this next week.  Walk Kansas team members have committed to 150 minutes of exercise each week.  How and when are you going to get this done?  
  • Share your ideas:  Each week our team, Walking on Sunshine, has a healthy eating challenge and a physical activity challenge.  In the past we've done things like try new fruits/veggies, attempt go carless for a day, and even aimed for a meatless/vegan day.  I'll be sharing with you the challenges that our team does, but I assure you that we'll be looking for ideas as Walk Kansas progresses.  

1 comment:

  1. Where I'm at as of Day 1:

    fruit, edamame (super easy) and some work on the elliptical. And more walking to come!

    Wait, how the heck do you spell edamame?