Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Whoosh Go the Plans

Remember my challenge for this week - you know, prep all your freggies in advance?  Well, those plans just jumped off a cliff.  We're headed to New York City tomorrow afternoon, which means 5 days of travel, hotel rooms, restaurant food, and yup, you guessed it: no fridge or cutting board.

I'm not too worried about getting my minutes in, but I am worried about my freggies.  What's worked well for you when you traveled?


  1. Are you staying in a hotel with a continental breakfast? Take extra fruit for later in the day :)

  2. When I travel, it seems I can always find cut up fruits and veggies or even an over-priced banana or two at airports. It's expensive, but it's an option. It really seems like airports and hotels are getting better at offering fresh fruits and veggies and I know New York, in my experience, is good at having fresh fruits and veggies available in many quick walk-in places. My advice, not that it's all that great, is to focus on getting as many fruits and veggies as possible at breakfast during the week so that if you get caught at some inconvenient spot for lunch or dinner, you are ahead of the game. I'm going to Chicago for a wedding next week and that's going to be my plan:)

  3. Hope you have a great trip! I'll miss you for walking on Friday.

    For traveling....sometimes breakfast is the best bet. Order something with fruit, or if it's a bar at the hotel, load up on whatever fruit they offer. Sometimes they have whole apples, oranges and bananas...you can take one or two for the road. : ) Other meals are tougher. I think salad bars or buffets give you the best control for freggies, but then are tempting in other ways. And if ordering, obviously pick whatever the veggie option is instead of fries....maybe even ask for a double serving instead of something else, because usually they're really small. Good luck and hope you get to do some fun stuff!